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July 19th

The Tigress has been one busy kitty these last three months.

Thank you everyone who has come back into the bar post-lock down time. I can hardly express how grateful I am to every single one of you. It has been awe inspiring to see my business come back to life.

This year and last year, the bar, my employees and myself have face challenges we could not have dream of happening, but with each challenge, I’m proud to say we just got on with it and made it to the other side of the problem. In May we celebrated the bars 11th year of business without power. It was very surreal indeed. The Friday night storm had knocked the power out to most of Northloop, what to do? Holly Coleman said well when there is a hurricane some bars stay open, really? ” we have ice and liquor and as long as the sun is up we can do this” And we sure did! We had a odd but an amazing anniversary party, Thank You all for coming.

In May we also saw the engagement and marriage of our Kelsey to Judd. Kelsey is on a long honeymoon crisscrossing the country this summer visiting family. She well be back later in August, picking up shifts here and there.


Inside and outside seating now available. Also To-Go cocktails still available.

We are open MONDAYS now!

Monday-Thurs: 4-11

Friday: 4-Midnight

SATURDAY: 3pm to Midnight

SUNDAY: 3pm to 11pm

New Menu available.

You can order To-go cocktails at the link below

To read the latest news about Tigress events visit our Facebook page.

Link below.

The menu can be better seen on our Facebook page

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